Accelerated Welding Program

The Accelerated Welding class is an 18 week class; Monday-Friday 7AM to 3:30PM. After completion of the class you will be placed in the apprenticeship program with two years credit towards the five year program. During the remaining three years you must learn the pipefitting portion of our curriculum. Requirements: U.S. citizenship and a valid drivers license. Personal or phone interview may be requested and a background check must be provided if chosen for the class.

Names for Summer 2017 Accelerated Welding Class

April 17th

May 1st

June 1st

Alternates (if Needed)

Jameds Ray
Zachary Fultz
Nicholas Clayton
Joseph Norman (4-24)
Ashley Holden
Steven Brock
Jessica Mixon
Benjamin Wallace
Lee Moody
Exavier Willard
Tyler Manning
George Harper
Savannah Harrington
Cierra Dukes
Andrew Wilson
Steven Bradley
Tommy Pritchett
Maya Johnson
MoNascha Jones
Brandon Lawler
Evan McArthur
Larry Mackie
Kordell Shufford